Prayer Requests

“Admonished to Intercede”

The Scriptures admonish us to “pray without ceasing.” We have come to serious times. Events in our world call upon every follower of Christ to be totally in earnest in our relationship with God. That God is willing and ready to hear and to respond to our heartfelt prayers under all circumstances is profoundly reassuring. He is a loving Father who is interested both when things are going well and when the vicissitudes of life deal us devastating, tough, and terrible blows. When we feel like crying out, “God, where are You?” It is good to know that He is just a prayer away. There are those all around you who have woes, who need words of sympathy, love, and tenderness, and our humble, pitying prayers. ~ Excerpt from Ellen G. White’s compilation book, Prayer pp. 1, 245.

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Standing in the Need of Prayer:

Anthony Easton
Betty Stevenson
Brien & Rose Steede
Cathy Bassett
Danny Moore
David Fough
Donald Brown
Donyale Eversley
Edith Eversley
Elvin Moore

Eugene Eversley
Eugene Tatem
Eunice VanLowe
Gerald Burgess
Hazel Holder
Henry Brewster
Jah-Nija Brangman
Janet Francis
Joycelyn O’Brien
Kayla Adams

Mahala Smith
Marie Simons
May Albuoy
May Simmons
Nancy B. Jones-Shelton
Naomi Bean
Olive Smith
Our Government
Our Island Home
Reginald Matthie

Robert Looby
Roxanne Wainwright
Sandy Scott
Selena Matthie
Stephanie Wellman
Tejahri Burrows
Violet Samuels
Winston Lightbourne
Yamie Darrell